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True Christianity

Many people today claim to be Christians. In some parts of the world, that claim can improve your career prospects; in other places, it can get you killed.

But what is a true Christian?

The world is full of people claiming to be things that they are not. Could this also be true of today's "Church"?

This website is dedicated to explaining what a true Christian is. What he believes and how he should behave. I hope you find it informative.

I have a page detailing a person's response to the Biblical idea of sin. There are also pages about the Christian doctrines of justification and sanctification and an article about the possibility of false conversions to Christianity.

I shall be explaining these ideas as simply as I can, however, you may have many other questions, so I recommend visiting the websites listed on my links page. There are also a couple of recent sermons of mine available to listen to from the sermons page.

Please read my what authority page to see whether it's worth believing what I have to say on this subject.

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